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Definition of Socap Token service

SoCap is a service that functions as a computer program in the form of a smart contract. It utilizes BNB Smart Chain technology, a protocol designed for digital contracts, their automatic verification, negotiation enforcement, and legally significant event documentation according to the terms of these contracts. It is based on ERC-20 technology, which enables the encoding of conditions and introduces a range of functionalities.

We believe that SoCap Token represents a new era of digital justice and equality. It is not just a form of service but a tool of democratization that transforms the way we operate and collaborate.

Equality of access: SoCap Token services are available to everyone, regardless of their geographic location, social status, or level of education. We aim to dismiss financial barriers so that everyone has equal access to the opportunities offered by the digital economy.

Transaction freedom: SoCap Token enables fast, secure, and transparent services. It is a tool that provides freedom from traditional financial institutions and their limitations.

Financial democratization: SoCap Token is more than just a service. It is a tool that allows people to participate in the global economy on equal terms. It is the democratization of services, with the goal of equality and justice for all.

Commitment to social justice: SoCap Token services are not just a service but also an ideology. By promoting equality, freedom, and democratization, SoCap Token services are committed to creating a better world.

In addition, SoCap Token service offers the following functionalities:

Event function {Approval}

Function {TotalSupply} SoCap Display

Functions {IERC20-balanceOf} and {IERC20-transfer}

Function {decimals()} Recipient address

Function {recipient}

Function {AmountSend}

Function {transferFrom}

Function {transferOwnership}

Modifier function {onlyOwner}

We believe that SoCap Token services are the path to a future where finance is more democratic, fair, and accessible to all. This is our manifesto and our vision of a world where technology serves people, not the other way around.

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