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The First tax free branch space for companies in UseCrypt Nation Metaverse

The big application point of everything we’ve talked about is in corporate culture. There are estimates that we spend 96% of our lives at work. And nothing else makes our work more productive for the company than our sense of belonging. Any means to increase it adds value to the whole economy. Virtual reality and the Metaverse as a company’s own reality space are where people discover the value of intra-corporate interaction.

In addition to starting a company in UseCrypt Nation, you can migrate an existing one and open a branch of your company.

What’s in it for you?

Providing your products to your target audience and also to future partners is the most profitable solution. Payment will occur in SoCap token, which gives you more options in UseCrypt Nation.

It’s much easier to open new branches and expand in the Metaverse.

All the paperwork stays in your country. In UseCrypt Nation your business is Tax-Free.

UseCrypt Nation also gives you complete privacy, which is a bonus when contracting and handling your transactions.

Open a branch of your company

In order, you will need a UseCrypt Nation NFT passport. This is your digital identity. You will be able to get it soon, stay tuned.

After the passport, you need your company address. When you buy land you register your address. Buying land is a very important step because the districts will be different from each other in terms of user interest. The first buyers will have the most privileges, as they will be able to choose the right area for themselves.

The next stage will be your official invoicing, building your trust score. This stage takes time, but active action will lead you to a leading position among your competitors.

And the final stage is you providing services and signing contracts. What a great journey is waiting for you

The UseCrypt Nation Metaverse will help people interact professionally in new ways.

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