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The “Who Tracked You” plugin will check if you are on target of the Facebook’s political ads

It is not new to anyone that Facebook collects data about its users. But the fact how they exploited it can be alarming; for instance – to serve political purposes that can influence voters’ choices. Therefore, the Panoptykon Foundation has created the “Who Tracked You” plugin as a response to corrupted political agitation on the Internet.

Priscilla Du Preez / Unsplash

The Foundation alerts on its website that Facebook has nearly absolute knowledge about its users. By that, the social network can displays ads more efficiently to our can read on the project website. You can read on the project website:

Facebook knows more about you than you probably think – things you like, what frightens you, do you have depression or is your relationship going through a crisis. Facebook is also aware of your political views. This knowledge is a powerful tool when used by the men who want to affect the elections. It allows to deceive users, play on voter’s emotions, seclude the undecided ones and to agitate. Knowledge about these practices is still narrow.

Advertisements posted on Facebook can be successfully used for political purposes. What Cambridge Analytica and Brexit scandals proved, such proceedings can manipulate political choices. resist the unfair deeds, Panaptykon Foundation created a plugin. It was a project of the Panoptykon Foundation, ePaństwo Foundation and SmartNet Research & Solutions (Sotrender suppliers), implemented with the support of Civitates. The “Who Tracked You?” plugin allows to check which parties have interest in you and what is more – it helps the originator to discover how Facebook is used for political play.

You can download the plug-in from the Foundation’s website; version for Chrome and Firefox browsers is currently available.