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Google will secure the safety and privacy of its users by introducing new features

This modest gesture from Google corporation to increase privacy and security of its customers is undoubtedly pleasing. If you use Google services and want to take care of the above-mentioned aspects, you should activate the new function as soon as possible. See the functions we are talking about.

sk_koh / Shutterstock

Incognito mode in Google Maps

Users did not hide the fact, that they had been waiting for this solution for some time. Incognito mode passed its tests in September and can be enabled starting from October while using Google Maps. What does it mean? Google company will not be able to track your location and therefore it will not save the history visited places. Hence, you can expect that you will not be overwhelmed by personalized ads from nearby bars or restaurants.


Auto-delete your Youtube history

The function of automatic erasion of history appeared some time ago in several Google applications. This time the Mountain View giant decided to take care of Youtube. If you are constantly watching videos in this application and do not want the service to store your history, from now you can set the preferred period of data storage and the date of its removal.

CatherineLProd / Shutterstock

The function that checks password security

A built-in password manager – a plug-in for the Chrome browser, is in our opinion one of the most interesting and very useful features that Google has recently offered. By the use of passwords’ lists that have ever leaked to the Internet, Password Manager can scan all the passwords saved in the user’s browser and then inform him whether they have been used, hacked or that the password is simply weak. How to check this solution? Open, then confirm your identity by logging in again and press the “Password Checkup” button.