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CRADLE App will detect eye diseases based on your selfie

Undetected in advance eye diseases, untreated or treated incorrectly often lead to irreversible changes. The Cradle app can counteract them and may become a breakthrough in the field of optics.

Josep Suria / Shutterstock

CRADLE or ComputeR-Assisted Detector of LEukocoria is a machine learning application that can help detect eye diseases such as cataracts, retinoblastoma, etc. up to 1.3 years before the doctor’s diagnosis. Researchers tested its effectiveness by examining 530 00 images of forty children at different stages of life. The study aimed to detect leukocoria (white pupillary reflex) by Cradle applications, which may give symptoms of other eyesight disorders. After checking the entire photo database, Cradle identified 16 diseases and achieved it for about 1.3 years before they were diagnosed by doctors.

The application is most effective when detecting children’s eye diseases, but adults can also examine themselves by sharing their photo from the gallery or taking a selfie. All you need is to install the application from the Google Play or iStore, it is free. However, it should have in mind that the examination carried out by the application will not replace a professional visit to an eye specialist and a medical diagnosis.