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For your eyes only – top 5 locations for exclusive holidays

If you are not a fan of crowds and waiting in queue, then we have an excellent information – we did a tough work and find the most private, secluded places with  the highest standards just for the perfect relaxation.

Supertoff/ Wikimedia

Brando – Tetiaroa, French Polynesia

The most exclusive isle of the private islands. Just here, on the small island named Tetriaroa situated in French Polynesia in the Pacific, there is a luxury resort named after its former owner -Marlon Brando. The only way to get to Brando is to fly to nearby Tahiti, from there a private plane will take you to the island.

Bronto is an atoll – a ring-shaped coral reef with lagoon in the centre. The island’s landscape consists of virgin beaches with white sand and calm turquoise waters.  The lagoon is perfect for snorkeling. Terrains that surround the island are geographically alluring, for instance coral reefs or abundance of marine fauna. This ecological resort has only 35 villas, making the place one of the most exclusive holiday destination.