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18 September 2019

For your eyes only – top 5 locations for exclusive holidays

If you are not a fan of crowds and waiting in queue, then we have an excellent information - we did a tough work and find the most private, secluded places…
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17 September 2019

Facebook knows when you have sexual intercourse. The results of the research are outrageous

According to Privacy International, their test revealed that up to 36 menstruation apps send user data to Facebook. The transferred information involved birth control methods or even when the users…

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Apple’ contractors have access and may listen to personal user recordings

Although Apple's constantly ensure its customers about their privacy being safe, it turned out that…
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Censorship in social media. German artist cleverly outplayed the algorithm

The task of the artist's pictures is not only to charm and provoke, also they…
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Camouflage techniques to keep the voice assistants away from your emotions

The users of voice-controlled services must be aware that without permission, companies such as Apple,…
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Salvador Dali’s profile on Instagram? You must see it

Imagine what would happen if we move artists from the previous century to the present…
13 September 2019 in Box 1, Buzz

Only five dollars for surveilling your partner – the spy market in full bloom

A broad choice of spying services is available on the Fiverr web platform. Whether if you want to check the husband's attendance on the official trip or to inspect your…
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13 September 2019 in Box 1, Buzz

“It’s quick and easy”. Zuckerberg’s company will make you pay for Facebook?

Mark Zuckerberg's platform modified its slogan. Does this mean the era of Facebook's free use ceased? NeONBRAND/ Unsplash 'It’s free and always will be' no more. Facebook tagline is no longer…
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13 September 2019 in Box 1, Buzz, Gadget

A fashion designer on the mission to confuse Automatic License Plate Reader

Kate Rose created novel clothes with a combination of letters and numbers patterns. The clothes are designed to confuse ALPR systems. It is an unconventional method of resistance against oppressive…
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13 September 2019 in Box 1, Comment, Culture

Deepfake technique for entertainment purposes. But there is not much fun

Samsung created technology based on artificial intelligence (AI) that can revive a character based on one photo. The outcome can amuse because talking Mona Lisa or Albert Einstein is quite…
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First-ever human heart printed in 3D! A Chicago-based company maintains to produce a mini version of the organ

Is it possible that the problem with the shortage of donor organs will be resolved…